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DV8 2000

July 29th Day 1

The DV8 Festival is back in full force this year. There's tons of people down here already on the first day, Last years attendance was surpassed today alone! They got a huge brand new vert ramp for all the skaters, the street course is kinda hurt compaired to last year's though. There's ton's of vendors selling everything from clothes to 6ft high bongs. But the highlight of the whole thing is of course, The Quarter Pipe. 125ft in run with 20 feet of vert, It's massive! Today has the Warmups and Qualifying session. During the warmups everyone was just getting used to the ramp but were still throwing down some pretty sweet tricks. Tobin was huckin some sweet smooth flairs, Rex was trowin down Flatspin 5's, Ryan Snow was doin some nice 5's and Flairs. Local boys Jon McMurray and John Kazody were keepin up with the pros no problem, Jon doin some huge crossed up flairs and John gettin the biggest air of the day with a massive Flat Spin 5 and also throwin in some Rodeo 5's in for good measure. The Qualifyers had about the same tricks being done and brought Rex, Tobin Jon and John to the finals on Sunday.

July 30th Day 2

Well seeing how hot it was yesterday the quarterpipe has melted significantly and they had to cut 2 feet of vert off of it. Despite the disapointing jump conditions the skiers were still goin off pullin all their best tricks for the finals. John Kazody was unable to stomp any of his huge Flat Spin 540 mutes and came in last place. In third was Jon McMurray with his crossed up Flairs. Tobin took second with a nice Flair and an attempt at his Flair to Front which he overrotated and crashed. Rex Pulled off First place with a huge last minute Flat Spin 540 Stale after crashing on all his previous jumps. Later on there was the Super cash session where in an hour everyone gets as many jumps in as they can and the riders themselves vote for the biggest air. Jon McMurray went and hucked a Double back but didn't end up landing it. Everyone else was just throwin the same old tricks. When it was all over and done the skiers and snowborders voted Ryan Snow the winner with a massive strait air where he boosted about 15 feet off the lip. Anyways that's about all for this years DV8 but I'll be headed to Saskatoon in mid Sept to check out DV8 there so be sure to checkout the pics and report from that event when it comes around.


The Street Course Scene

The Main Stage

Crowds in the Village area

Tobin Sutherland Gettin Focused

John Kazody

John Kazody

Tobin Sutherland

Jon McMurray

Ryan Snow

Rex Thomas

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