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2001-2002 Schedule

Open Events:

These events are open to anyone with the skills... or guts to enter. I'll see ya'll there!

Dec 16: Mountain Dew series slopestyle (Silverstar)
Dec 30: Mountain Dew series ridercross (Silverstar)
Jan 19: Fresh Big Air (Fortress)
Jan 27: Half Pipe Event (Lake Louise)
Jan 27: Battle of the Boards (Jasper)
Feb 2: Fresh Big Air (Kimberly)
Feb 3: Mountain Dew series ridercross (Silverstar)
Feb 23: Fresh Big Air (Wintergreen, @ night?)
Feb 24: Mountain Dew series slopestyle (Silverstar)
Mar 10: Mountain Dew series halfpipe (Silverstar)
Mar 16: Fresh Big Air (Nakiska)
Mar 22-24: Export A Skiercross (Sunshine)
Mar 30: Fresh Big Air (Fernie)
Apr 6: Fresh/Orage Big Air Event (Lake Louise)
Apr 6-7: Mountain Dew Series Championships (Silverstar)
Apr 14: Slopestyle Event (Lake Louise)

FIS Events:

Now don't get me started on how bad FIS is for our sport, but if you insist on supporting this outdated organization, here is their 2001-2002 schedule. Remember you must buy an AFSA membership to enter these events and have your jumps qualified on the water ramps.

Dec 14-16: Big Air (Fortress)
Jan 12-14: Big Air (Canyon)
Jan 19-20: Big Air (Fortress)
Feb 2-3: Big Air (Fortress)
Feb 9: Big Air (Fortress)
Feb 15-17: Big Air & Quarter Pipe (Fortress)
Feb 16-19: Big Air (Hidden Valley)
Mar 1-3: Big Air (Fortress)
Mar 9-10: Big Air (Castle)

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