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Snowjam 2001

Popularity Sucks!

Well, this year DV8 was once again rocking downtown Calgary, but under a new name, Snowjam. Seeing as the event became so popular Molson decided to expand to include a bunch more other cities around North America and start charging money for admission as where before you could get free passes in Beer, Pizza Pops or at any local ski shop. Of course me being one that doesn't want to pay 20 buck for something that is basically a large scale advertisement, went and asked some kids if I could clip their passes as they were leaving. Of course they let me, so I continued on to carefully glue the wristband back together. Normally at these things the security guards don't really look too close at your wristband, but this time because Molson was making a killing off of admission they made sure the guards were inspecting very carefully. I almost got through but then at the last second the dude gave my wristband a little tug and the glue came loose. He then booted my ass back onto the street and told me I was banned. I wasn't even able to buy my way in at the ticket stand after that. I was bummed. My buds (also with clipped passes) and I tried everything to get in… We tried paying off the bouncers, and even the dudes at the maintenance entrance, no luck. At last resort we tried jumping the fence but got busted by some undercover fence patrollers. So that's why there are no Snowjam pics this year. The immense popularity of these events couldn't go untouched by corporate greediness and the urge to make even more money than previous.

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