Crashes and Injurys

Marc's Busted Leg

Here are the pics from when Marc Busted his leg last November. He snapped his Tibula and Fibia upon take off while clearing a 20 foot gap from the tramp to the foam pit. It took the paramedics almost an hour to get him outta the pit. And after 3 weeks in the hospital, 2 major operations (including one to put in a 34 cm titanium rod), and 4 months of recovery before Marc was able to get in some skiing at the end of the year. Anyways here are the pics we were able to snap before the paramedics told us not to take pictures because it was rude.

You can't really see the huge smile on his face due to the poor quality but he was high as a kite on morphine and was telling the paramedics they should do misty flips into the pit.

Count that, 5 paramedics, 1 Fire Man

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