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  Welcome to The Stomping Grounds. This is my personal skiing site... in other words I'm not trying to push hoodys or anything like that. I just want to share our passion for skiing. I encourage all of you to send in pics or vids so you can share as well.


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Last updated: Sept. 20, 2006
What's new: Gallery Updated

  • Sept 20: Well I haven't updated this site for something like four years. I no longer have the kind of free time that I used to! In fact I only got out to the hills seven times this year, which is the worst year yet for me. I have new pics and vids, but I forgot I even had this site. I'll try and post something new in the weeks ahead as I am on vacation right now.

  • Mar 7: Things are starting to pick up now, the hills finally have snow! There should be some new pics up within the month.

  • Dec 19: Well this season is looking pretty weak so far. I haven't posted any new material because there's just not enough snow to do anything with! Here's hoping that conditions improve.

  • Sept 8: The long summer is finally starting to let up. Thankfully we've had events like Snow Jam to keep us tided over. Anyways as soon as the season starts keep an eye out for more pics and vids now that I have a proper digital camera.

  • March 18: This has been such a wicked season so far, best snow I've seen for years! I hope everyone is getting out as often as me. I haven't been taking many pics... the snow's just been too damm good to waste time taking pics. However there is one new pic of me up in the gallery. Anyways, keep on riding everyone.

  • Dec 20: Ahhh! Exams are finally over! Now it's time to get some stuff down on film. As you probably noticed most of the pics in the gallery are from last year, Well keep your eyes peeled cause there's gonna be some new stuff up in the very near future. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Dec 9: Added a new pic of me in the gallery. I also put up a list of events in and around the Banff area for the 2001-2002 season.